Invisible Braces

PURE® Invisible Braces

Many of us would love to enhance their smile with straighter, well aligned teeth, but are put off by the thought of noticeable braces. Luckily, there are now the option of invisible braces.

We can provide a nearly invisible brace system that uses transparent aligners to treat crooked teeth, crowded teeth and close gaps between teeth.

Flawless PURE® brackets create a system with the highest transparency available for outstanding aesthetics. They are virtually invisible against any tooth shade and stay crystal clear without staining.

Each PURE® bracket has been diamond and heat polished to produce rounded, smooth corners for uncompromised comfort. The small bracket size and low profile design ensure a bracket that both you and your dentist will appreciate.

PURE® brackets are made from monocrystalline sapphire, making them far less brittle than aesthetic braces of the past.

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