Boutique Tooth Whitening

Boutique Tooth Whitening

Boutique Tooth Whitening is a safe, effective way to enhance your smile.

Using the highest quality whitening gel, you can be assured of fantastic results and a brighter, whiter smile.

Boutique Tooth Whitening uses a double action formula to reveal your beautiful, whiter, brighter smile.

Our gentle Hydrogen Peroxide formula breaks down to form Oxygen ions that remove surface stains, whilst also penetrating deep into the tooth, whitening from the inside.

Food, drink, ageing and habits such as smoking all contribute to teeth becoming darker over time. We offer a number of solutions, but what we wanted to tell you a little more about today is, our By Day gel.

Boutique – By Day is 6% hydrogen peroxide gel, containing potassium nitrate which is a proven desensitiser. This particular gel only needs to be worn for one hour per day and has been designed for patients who want a fast, comfortable, and convenient solution to a whiter and brighter smile.

With key features, which include, PH Neutral – a viscous formula to eliminate wash out from saliva and water integrated gel to reduce dehydration as well as minimum wear time and fast results which are visible in less than a week!

Tooth whitening can only be performed by a registered dental professional.

Boutique Tooth Whitening